Loving Life after 50

Monochromatic Palettes

If you happen to be my Friend ( and I am referring to the Facebook kind) then you know that I am once again suffering the effects of that fractured tooth. What started as a slight inconvenience last week blew up literally

featured tooth and its impact

Aren’t I a raving beauty at the moment. Kent is taking great care of me but totally not sympathetic as I should have taken care of this months ago.  He is correct and valuable lesson learned, don’t mess around here folks. If you have an infection take care of it.

Luckily for me I happened to have a few pictures from 2015.  I know WTH, I know this because of the election signs everywhere. ( and yes I was crying over all the blue and red neighbours)

Checked Pants-Target, sweater-vanheusen and Boots-Forever 21
Watch-Kate Spade and Extensions C/O Irresistible me
I guess all the Fall decor was a bit of a giveaway too.
Hopefully the swelling goes away quickly and I start the implant process on Wednesday.
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  • Oh, so sorry for your tooth pain! I understand the implant process takes months, but I hope you’ll be feeling good asap. xox


    • sorry for the delay, been a really bad health week for me. Thanks for the kind words, I am on the road to recovery