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Ottawa Doors Open 2017 and Linda’s Top 10 Picks

Sometimes I think I live under a rock, I mean seriously how do things just happen and I am totally oblivious.  I had heard that Doors Open Ottawa was fast approaching but I did not realize it was here.  This morning I happened to be on Cathy Thinking Out loud’s blog and realized it was actually happening.  Cathy got me thinking, what would I really like to see that has been “closed”?  Cathy’s list is available on her post but mine may be slightly different or maybe the same, hmmm guess you better check both our posts out to really see what might be cool to visit.

Royal Canadian Mint
Photo credit to city of Ottawa


Open Doors Ottawa

The City of Ottawa once again presents Doors Open Ottawa, a free annual architectural event that celebrates the community’s built heritage. My Ottawa, a place I am so proud to call home and hopefully this weekend will explore even more.

During the first  weekend in June, the city will host Doors Open in over 150 historically, culturally, and functionally significant buildings.  150 in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday! The Doors Open will happen from as far away as  Carp all the way to Cumberland and for added convenience an interactive map has been created.

A few places require pre-registration and may book up fast. A full list is available but double check the website to ensure all is still OK.  I just discovered that the Ottawa Police Department and the Shaw Center are no longer participating.  The website really does have the most up to date info for you.


∙ Embassy of the United States (FULL)
∙ Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum
∙ The Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, GCTC
∙ The Ottawa Hospital Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites
∙ The Ottawa Hospital’s Centre for Innovative Cancer Research (FULL)
∙ The University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre (FULL)

Linda’s Open Door List

  1. Becta Dining & Wine Bar
  2. Billings Estate National Historic Site
  3. Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum ( its a bunker and so totally cool)
  4. Embassy of Hungary- (very close to my office and I adore the building)
  5. Fairfields Heritage House
  6. Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute
  7. Rideau Hall
  8. Parliament East Bloc
  9. Stadacona Hall – Brunei High Commission
  10. I would be lying if I didn’t include the US Embassy ( sadly not available anymore)

Embassy Of Hungary

Embassy of Hungary
Photo credit to city of Ottawa


Photo Credit to www.couvrette-photography.on.ca

Special mention if I had not already been on a private tour of the Royal Canadian Mint, this would be number one.  This is one of my accounts so I got a full tour and it was spectacular.  Make sure you include this on your list. I also normally would have added the Czech Embassy but I recently had an opportunity to visit.  This one is a must see as well.

East Block

east block
Photo credit to city of Ottawa

Are you planning on hitting any of the awesome places this weekend? Ottawa is spectacular and now seeing the hidden pieces is even more special.  I am loving Canada 150 and the opportunities that are being made available to all of us.

This is not a sponsored post but one that was inspired by my fellow Ottawa Bloggers.  I have the best, most inspirational tribe and I thank them for their support and inspiration. You Rama Five Rock.



  • William Kendall

    I was pleased to see Stadacona Hall on this year’s list- saw it for the first time a couple of years back while going over to the Algerian Embassy, and thought it would be perfect for this sort of occasion.

    • We did not get there sadly but I am hoping it is back on again. The Hungarian Embassy was lovely and I did go back to the Czech Embassy as well ( hockey and beer)

      • William Kendall

        I got to both of those embassies, and the Algerian embassy as well again this year. I stopped at Wallis House, which was a surprise- a former hospital turned into condos. And I made it to Beckta, just in the nick of time before they closed up for the day. I got to a few other sites like Wabano and allsaints in Sandy Hill, which was a treat.