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Welcome to my Garden and Renovated Front Yard

my renovated yard and garden

I spent the weekend gardening, in the rain.  After much debate and fretting I had the scrubs removed and decided the yard needed a make over.  Its been over a decade and some of the Garden had gotten away from me.

original garden at the front


In 2007 when we moved in I loved the seclusion of the front yard. What I did not know was she had planed several very invasive plants that would slowly take over.  I suppose if I had tons of time to garden I could have stayed on top of this but sadly I still work, and blog, and volunteer and take vacations.


Fast forward four years and I had quite the jungle.This creates a totally serene space if you are sitting on the front steps. Seriously no-one ever knows you are there.  The house is secluded from the road. I started wanting to reclaim some space so we chopped the front cedar.  I cut down the wisteria ( which grew right back). Some days I loved the green other days it was overwhelming.

Plus with all the cedars and trees our actual lawn was rock hard. The shrubs sucked all the moisture and the yard felt like cement. Now this greenery made a perfect blogger backdrop so did I really want to lose that?

front garden

overgrown garden


What do you think??? I made the call to get the cedars chopped and one day last week we came home to this. Oh my lord, we had a front door.  I actually have a house behind the green. BUT I also have a yard really needing some TLC.

removing the shrubs in the garden

Retaining Wall

First up was leveling off the garden wall, or commonly referred to as a retaining wall. FYI yes the stumps were left behind but our tree guy told us to cover them with burlap and then soil and we will not have any re-growth.  I had no intention of planting in that spot so why pay the extra.

That is a Tim Horton’s coffee cup because no renovation in Canada can begin without that cup.

tim hortons cup on the garden wall

We went shopping at Lowes and found the wall stones we needed, picked up some landscaping fabric and staples and we were ready.

stones from Lowes

building a garden wall

I was pretty impressed with the end result. We have a lovely wall leading up to the front door.

stone garden wall

Front Garden

Mega bags of soil because I am far to impatient to order a load.  I head to my Independent Grocers and picked up 10 bags of supersoil.  It was the perfect amount to level off the area.  Topped it off with red cedar mulch ( my favourite) and I now have a lovely area all ready for decorating.  We did leave one bulb cedar that I will trim back as soon as the side fills in.  I am debating a small concrete bench, found one at Lowes that I think would be lovely.  Any tips or suggestions?

creating a new garden wall

new garden wall

Front Flower Bed

I loved the look of the finished area but realized the rest of the garden looked terrible.  Last summer I did not have a chance to trim last year, so old dead plants and overcrowded space needed to be addressed.

overgrown garden

I removed the three rose bushes first, they were so straggly.  The roses are actually in buckets at the side of the house for some TLC and replanting. Then I dug up some lily’s and daisys for replanting.  Moved a few large stones and started seeing improvement.  What I couldn’t remove I chopped down to bare bones and then covered it all with landscaping fabric.

garden renovations

add red cedar mulch again and I am ecstatic over the results.

front yard renovations with red cedar mulch

front yard renovations with red cedar mulch and a new garden wall

Once I figure out if I want the bench or something else I will post an update for you. For now I am excited to sit on the steps and watch the world go by.

front yard renovations