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Instagram, What the Heck is a Shadowban and Why me

Instagram algorithms

I don’t want to go on a rant but I think that is exactly what my fingers are about to do.  I have been reading a lot of posts about this so called  Shadow ban on Instagram. Seriously folks do you know what I am talking about?  On a totally serious note until I read the post from Debbie at Fashion Fairy Dust I had not even heard about this.

Instagram tips

Most likely the ” duh what is she talking about”  is because I live in La la Land ( and not the movie, which contrary to the critics was not that good). I had noticed a decline in my likes but I chalked that up to I have been super busy and not commenting enough.

So I think I have been banned or at least affected and I have no F’ing clue as to the why. I mean I love Instagram and I have shared often about my positive tips andsuggestions. Which makes me wonder why does Instagram hate me?

Instagram Love

Instagram has always has a special place in my heart. I love pretty pictures, I love scrolling and this seemed the perfect fit for me. Why in heck then am I being punished.

Instagram Top Tips Debunked

I thought I should addressso many of the tips I have been receiving. And of course every other email that offers a way out of this issue.  Well spoiler alert, all those quick tips and how to fix posts are pretty much crap. So every article I was emailed and every course that I have been pressured to buy say the same thing. They all read the same and pretty much provid the same tips.

  1. Don’t use bots…. well no duh people. Bots are basically buying likes and comments.  Call it what you want but its a paid for like.  Now sad fact is I know people that are using bots and paid for services are not being penalized so why the heck am I? I have never paid for a bot in my entire Insta career.
  2.  Don’t use dead hashtags… again such a ” duh” piece of advice.  but again makes no sense because I verify every hashtage I use and they are all active. So again hmmmm where are the Instagram experts…
  3. You have to go on and actively engage with people, like pictures and comment on them, oh yeah and make sure you don’t just say awesome…. comments must be four words or more.  Well peeps, hate to break it to you but I actively like and comment naturally. I go on and like pictures in my feed. I go on hashtags I use and like and comment and yet the more I comment the less likes I get.
  4. be strategic about when you post. I have always posted at the exact same time and yet in the last two weeks my likes have been cut in half so, my advise be random not strategic and maybe that will work better.

     Next four Instagram Tips debunked

  5. schedule when your audience is active.  What a smart concept except my followers span the continent and this 7:00 P.M. for George is 11:00 P.M. for Sally.  I hate to break it to you but again I have poste for one year now the exact same time and up until two weeks ago it was working.  Apparently the algorithm hates my timing.
  6. Add a CTA ( Call to Action).  bull crap advise.  What, now I have to ask you to please like and comment.
  7. Join a Pod, I joined a pod, meet some great peeps but not really a lot of increased action
  8. Be more active on Instagram Stories. While I love this piece of advise I am not sure it increases my engagement.  It is a definite time suck but no increased likes or comments. It’s not just me right? I start viewing and then all of a sudden an hour has gone by, sometimes two.  I love stories really I do and i make sure I share my own stories but. Fun to view but I do not see a return investment. Do you actually move from story to post?

    and Number 9

  9. Host a contest. I am going to tell you this piece of advise is sheer bull honky. I would have used stronger language but I am afraid I would get banned.  Instagram contests/loops only work if you are going to shell out funds to run a contest every three days. I have been involved in a few Insta loops. So,  I am pretty confident that I can tell you, pay 40.00 and gain 100-300 followers and then lose them all plus a few more when the contest is  over. One then must ask how is that different than a botInstagram loop contests

What I love

Now on the positive side of things, what ever the heck Instagram has done I am actually finally seeing posts in my feed from immediate friends and family.  Its cool and I love seeing their posts.  Normally I go on the feed of those I love and see their posts so having them in my immediate feed is great. What is not cool is showing it three days later. I detest, no actually I HATE in capital letters the new algorithm of not chronological order.

My mind is a chronological beast so Instagram if you are not going to fix this current issue I may be saying Good Bye.  I want current and I will search for later, do not I repeat DO NOT post in a non chronological order.  I have OCD when it comes to time so PLEASE STOP.

OCD over the Instagram algorithm