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Homemade Potato Salad

homemade potato salad

One of the best things about Summer BBQ is Potato Salad. We really adore this special salad dish.  Not kidding here folks, even Kent who hates mayonnaise loves my potato salad. This is one of the easiest dishes you will make and guests will love it. Best part of this recipe is the adaptability, measure by sight and taste.

homemade potato salad for bbq

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and Kent decided Pulled Pork and salad would be appropriate for supper.  Sadly the pork did not shred as it should but it tasted delicious.  As sides we opted for Coleslaw and potato salad,

The most time consuming part of potato salad is peeling the spuds.

peeling potatoes for homemade potato salad

potato salad recipe

I normally opt for 6-8 medium potato, we want to make sure there is leftovers.  When I boil the potatoes I also add one half dozen eggs.  Peel and dice the potatoes. Place in pot and cover with water and salt ( just a sprinkle). Boil till soft

potatoes for homemade potato salad

potatoes and eggs for homemade potato salad

eggs for homemade potato salad

chop up eggs and add to drained potatoes.

eggs and potatoes for homemade potato salad

I add a squirt of mustard although sometimes I use honey mustard for a sweeter flavour

adding mustard for homemade potato salad mustard for homemade potato salad

add relish ( sweet)

relish in homemade potato salad

add mayo to taste and mix all together

mayo in homemade potato salad

slice two eggs and place on top, sprinkle with paprika

paprika for homemade potato salad

smoked paprika for homemade potato salad

homemade potato salad

Homemade Potato Salad
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
40 mins

The perfect homemade potato salad, a quick and easy dish for all your BBQ's and PicNic's

Course: Salad
Cuisine: American, canadian
Servings: 6
  • 6-8 large potatos
  • 6 eggs
  • mustard
  • sweet relish
  • mayonaise
  • paprika
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. peel potatoes and cut into cubes

  2. boil potatoes and eggs (in salted water)

  3. drain potatoes

  4. peel eggs

  5. dice up 4 of the eggs and add to potato 

  6. add mustard

  7. add two tablespoons of sweet relish ( to taste)

  8. add mayo

  9. mix well

  10. place in serving bowl

  11. slice remaining two eggs and place on salad

  12. sprinkle with smoked paprika

  13. serve ( refrigerate if there is time in between making and serving)

homemade potato salad and pulled pork

  • Tonya

    I love potato salad, and this looks delicious!

  • kristin mccarthy

    screams summer is coming!

    • Doesn’t it. I am not sure why I don’t make it in winter but it justs seems like such a seasonal food