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The Story of a Girl, A Wine and a Fabulous Red Couch

the Red Couch Tour official Wine

Wine, I see wine!!!!!! And what a special bottle of wine it is.  With a special label created just for the Red Couch Tour. What the heck is a Red Couch Tour you ask?

the Red Couch official Wine

The Red Couch project will create an excellent opportunity for Canadians to share their most relevant stories. People will be invited to have a seat,they will be filmed sharing their story. A video clip of 1 minute will then be posted through the social media channels. An opportunity to share  what it means to be Canadian.

Meet the Red Couch

Last night I had an opportunity to visit with the ” Red Couch” and let me tell you she is spectacular.  She is the epitome of Canada.  Sleek, classy and oh so very polite.  She welcomed me with open arms and started up a conversation about Canada and it’s wonders.

Want to know where she was? Where she is going? How you too could meet this sassy lasy, well if you want to know more you are going to have to hop on over to Canadian Blog House where I created my very first guest post.  Trust me folks this is a story worth reading.

Am I sitting, am I standing, well hop over for the big reveal. When Linda Meet the Couch

If you have a chance, Have a Seat and Share your Story.

Canadian Blog House received a media invite to the Red Couch Tour stop at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Luckily I, Linda, from A Labour of Life, agreed to attend in their place.  I created a post and a half highlighting my time with the Red Couch. All opinions are 99% mine and maybe a tad bit of persuasion from that Sassy Couch.