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You Probably Don’t Know Part II

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes

Hallelujah the warm weather appears here to stay and obviously I am a happy gal. Arms thrown high to embrace all that is summer and the fact my vacation life is finally settling into a normal routine, still busy but definitely enjoyable.  This is my last week of vacay and then back to work.  Already planning a fall trip, 4 weeks just wasn’t long enough. Thought today would be a great day to repeat and expand upon my You Probably Don’t Know post

Giant Tiger Vintage Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a Fedora

It’s throw back Thursday today so it seems very appropriate to deal with a ” you probably don’t know” topic. If asked to share a secret, maybe some random facts someone might know know, or maybe your interesting life story could you do it, would you do it?? Would you love writing random pieces of you or would you worry, does anyone even care?? Well for me, I thought long and hard, like maybe 27 seconds before I decided heck ya, sounds like fun. Stop by my Part 1, that’s where I shared my dirty secrets, this one is just for fun.

You Probably Don’t Know:

You probably don’t know that I work for a Union ( OK maybe you know that), don’t I look like a Union Thug?

You Probably don’t know that I have read every Harry Potter book seven times and re-watch the movies every year.

You probably don’t know that I own every episode of  Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Charmed

You probably don’t know that I love Netflix but mostly for all the british Scy Fy shows

You probably don’t know that my Dad worked for Aramco and we spent seven years in Saudi Arabia
and I loved it there.

You probably don’t know that my niece lived with me almost her entire life and is like a daughter, which means I am now a glamma.

You probably don’t know that I can barely swim but totally insisted on a pool because I am Aquarius and I love the water

You probably don’t know that I love to bake but I hate cooking.  Totally weird right

You probably don’t know that I am owned by the cutest fur baby in the world. Lou is our baby and she is a girl.

You probably don’t know that the love of my life is also my very best friend and we were friends long before we were together which I believe has strengthened our relationship.

You Probably don’t know that I have three sisters and Kent has three brothers ( opposites)

You Probably don’t know that I have two great step-sons who are musicians ( OK you totally knew that if you follow me)

You Probably don’t know that I take all my own pictures, I am a tripod/timer expert.

OK I could probably go on for days but you get the picture right, we are all just pieces of a whole with a lot of hidden depths. So there you have it, some good, some bad and some very ugly facts about me I am pretty sure you never knew.

You Probably Do Know

But you probably do know

I love Fedoras

I love neon

I love Giant Tiger

All of which help make up for this most awesome casual outfit.  This was a perfect outfit for Rae Dunn Shopping lol. Cuz when you are at home on vacation what else do you get dressed for?

cruising in Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a Fedora

Dress is Giant Tiger Vintage, meaning I have owned it for years but this time I paired it with my Nikes and a Fedora.  Normally I wear this with a mix of plaids and stripes and checks

at the bar in Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a Fedora

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with a black Fedora

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with black Neon Nikes and a Fedora

sitting in a Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a Fedora

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress and a Fedora

 Neon Nikes and a Fedora

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a Fedora 1

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a black Fedora

Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Nikes and a Fedora


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Giant Tiger Vintage Striped Tee Dress with Neon Nikes and a Fedora

 A Labour of Fashion

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  • Good to get to know you better Linda! I enjoyed this post (I’m so nosey!) xx

  • Hahaha a union thug! I’ve always been pro-union. I feel like workers should be able to protect themselves and ask for the things they need. My best friend is a teacher. We’re from Ohio and 4 years ago she moved to South Carolina where unions are not allowed. She said she noticed a difference and not in a good way. Also Saudi Arabia? That’s awesome that you loved it. I’m not sure how I would adjust there as I do like wine. As a kid though, that wasn’t really on your mind. Although like most places, there’s the stereotype and reality.


  • What a fun read, Linda!! I’m so impressed you take your own photos! How long does it take??

  • I enjoyed reading ! I love Netflix for the British Mystery shows! Some interesting tid bits there Linda. Love the fedora on you ! I am a good swimmer, but would love to own a pool. I love your deck area and bar.
    jess xx

  • Thanks for the invite to link up!! I’ll be joining you from now on!


  • Love finding another summer lover, as I’m already over all the “I can’t wait for fall” posts! Enjoy every second of the warm weather and vacation vibes, and love love love that dress <3

    Green Fashionista

  • Jonet Gleason Wooten

    What a fun, tell-all, my friend. I love you giving us a glimpse into your life and am so impressed you take your own photos. Mind blown! Xo Jonet

  • This is such a fun post! I think it is so fun to get to know someone better like this! Love love your dress! Hope you stop by Ladies Who Link Up on Fridays! Peace!

  • What a fun post, Linda! So I totally love to cook, but am not a huge fan of baking! I can bake when it is demanded, but it is definitely not my thing! And part of your next vacation needs to be a trip to Watertown!


  • Thank you for popping over to my wee blog. I’m honoured. You probably don’t know I’ve been following you on IG for a while and your blogs. Thanks for link up which I have now done. I did know you liked fedoras.

  • So nice to learn even more about you, Linda! Your dress looks so cute with your colorful sneakers.

  • Thank you for hosting! Nice to finally meet you and your blog!

  • Thanks for sharing those wonderful, cute facts about you! Love your fedora, dress and sneakers, a unique but cool style you have. Thank you for hosting hon and stopping by to linkup:)


  • I take all my own pictures too!

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    Well done you for taking such super photos! My god-daughter takes some for me, or maybe one of my children, some sometimes it’s me that takes them! Nice stripes, I’m a big fan of them now. x Jacqui

  • Christine Besen

    Kudos for taking your own pictures! You’ve inspired me to write about a similar blog post! Thanks for the linkup!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    I’m totally stealing this post idea from you when I have a thousand things to say, but can’t write a single word. I’m commenting here on both your Part I and Part 2 posts. I too am a HUGE fan of disaster movies, in particular, anything apocalyptic. I own more end of the world related movies than anything else. UNLESS the end of the world involves zombies…I think zombies are stupid. And I too, had an eating disorder for which I was hospitalized many many moons ago. And you’re right, the urge is still there; I’ve always said that it’s like being an alcoholic or a drug addict. You have to be vigilant the rest of your life so that you don’t fall off of the wagon. I find it hardest to fight when I’m overly stressed and surrounded by chaos. Okay, enough sharing…I love the outfit, especially the sneakers!

  • Clairejustineo

    What a great post Linda, love this idea. I never realised you took your own pictures, they are great. I am trying to do more fashion post but I have to wait for my Daughter to take them. I am going to try and take more of my own now 🙂 Thanks for the invite, I’ve lined up a few posts. Thanks for hosting 🙂

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Love this outfit! So comfy and chic!
    Mónica Sors

  • Anna Marcus

    It was interesting to know some facts about you Linda. Love your outfit

  • Such a fun post idea! I loved learning more about you! I take all of my photos too! Love that dress on you!

    Doused in Pink

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I feel like I need another vacation, too! I could never take my own photos, I’d be horrible at it! Lol!! Maybe with practice. You do great, though! I love this dress on you, stripes are my jam!


  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style.