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National Beer Day, So Let’s Raise a Glass

National Beer Day

Today is National Beer Day so I thought this would be a perfect time to explore Beer. Well to be honest to explore Beer Posts.  It appears I did not have a shortage of those over the years.  Ironically not as many as I thought as it appears I go drink the beer, take pictures and then sometimes forget to follow-up with my Beer Story. I realized after exploring my blog I still had not shared my experience at Collingwood Brewery, The Orleans Craft Beer Festival, Dominion City Brewing or Broken Stick Brewery.  Hmmm the endless posts still to come.  For today let’s focus on a few Breweries and experiences I actually can share.  ENJOY and CHEERS.

Steamwhistle Experience

First up was the awesome Steamwhistle Experience when they teamed up with Joey Restaurants and Hudson Bay Company.

Beer in the Poconos

A little trip to the Pocono’s where we sampled a few Regional Delights.

Creemore Springs and a Beer tasting

Hopping over to Creemore in Ontario where we got to explore the prettiest little Brewery ( I should not actually say little because it’s that is totally misleading).  Creemore Springs Brewery, not to be missed.

Northwinds for Beer and Food

and then we have Northwinds in Collingwood.  The place where friends gather to eat and drink and where you can actually go further than a flight and try a “Skate” of beer

Side Launch the beer with a Story

Side Launch was next, also in Collingwood. The Brewery that tells a ship building story you all need to learn.  A little piece of history and a whole lot of taste.

Ottawa Craft Beer Festival

and our final story of the day my very first Craft Beer Festival in Ottawa back in 2014.  The day I expanded my horizons and learned that beer tasting is just as fun as Wine tasting.

I cannot wait to continue sharing our Beer experiences but in the meantime for today let’s raise a glass.  Cheers to all those hardworking Craft Beer folks who everyday show us that Beer is a beverage not to be ignored.