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Jumpsuit From Forever 21 and Watermarks

Forever 21 Jumpsuit and converse

Well that is an odd title isn’t it? What the heck do awesome jumpsuits from Forever 21 and watermarks have in common you ask? Easy answer, Me or rather things that are on my mind lately.  The jumpsuit makes sense I know but the watermark issue well that’s on on again, off again issue for me.

Forever 21 Jumpsuit and converse with a floral necklace


Are they really necessary or just an added distraction from a fun picture?  I have tried a few out and thought maybe something small would be OK.  Looking at these pictures I am going with a big NO. I just can’t accept that marking a picture or at least my pictures is worth it.  I think the meta data is a better compromise for me. I may still try another form in the future but for now say Good Bye.


Photoshop on the other hand is here to stay, I am loving the actions and overlays. I have through trial and error learned a lesson. Photoshop and my google chrome cannot be open at the same time, at least not when I want to save all my work.  Four times in the last two days I have lost all of my edits after the program froze. Full disclosure my laptop was purchased in 2011 so yea maybe I need a new one but I like this one.

My HP is pretty, and red and totally loyal to me.  Seriously she held 120,000 pictures safely on her hard drive up until last week.  That’s crazy loyal right.  I probably should look at upgrading soon.  Keep thinking maybe a Mac but that’s a whole lot of new learning that I am not sure I am ready for.  Thoughts??

Jumpsuit from Forever 21 and converse with a black necklace

Click Start Club Lessons

Thanks to the lessons I have learned from my Click Start Club pals, editing is a dream and the time it now takes to crop, resize and touch up is tremendously decreased.  Well at least resizing and editing are quick, cropping is still a tad longer than I want. Anyone have a great “action” for that?


Today’s outfit was a casual look from last Thursday. The temperature was a tad chilly and there were no meetings planned for work, so it was a casual Friday on Thursday.  The Jumpsuit you have seen a few times, bottling Wine, watching the band even as far back as 2014, wow right.  Its a great comfort piece that always makes me feel good. Paired with converse, a great cardi and a fun necklace from Happiness Boutique.

Forever 21 Jumpsuit and black converse

sitting in a Forever 21 Jumpsuit and converse

happiness Boutique necklace

Forever 21 Jumpsuit and black converse 2

Forever 21 tribal Jumpsuit and converse

Forever 21 tribal Jumpsuit and black converse

The Raccoon

Ignore the awesome pose here, I am just pointing out all of the Raccoon tracks. I left the door open one night and the little brats tried climbing on the Terraine and the door trying to find a warm spot to hide.

raccoon tracks on the garage

Forever 21 Jumpsuit and converse


laughing in a Forever 21 Jumpsuit and black converse

  • I have never tried Photoshop before because it seems really advanced, but I am a big fan of Lightroom! Not sure if you have every used that to edit photos, but it makes it really easy to do them in batches. And I am all aboard the Mac laptop train!
    Love your fun jumpsuit with the sneakers.

    • If you use Lightroom you would also love photoshop. I keep switching between the two. Photoshop also allows batching.

  • You always have the best fun when taking photos, Linda!
    And this jumpsuit is perfect. I only have one, but I didn’t wear it all summer. Just for you, I’m going to pull it out and wear it with my sneakers!!
    And thanks for linking up with the Ageless Style group!

    • cannot wait to see your jumpsuit

      • Keep your eyes peeled on IG tomorrow—that’s when it’ll be showcased!! I’ll tag you, LInda!

  • Love the print Linda~ I am looking for a khaki/olive jumpsuit myself. Looks lovely with the cardi too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • ohhh Olive would be awesome, I will keep an eye out for you