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Top Four Tips for Using Tailwind to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Tips for using Tailwind

I am at times the world’s worst blogger and also the biggest sponge.  If I see something that a blogger is using or someone makes a recommendation I am usually first in line. Thus the sponge part.  The con of all this is I jump in without researching, get frustrated and then stop using something.  Tailwind is my latest example.  I heard about Tailwind at Let’s Go Rama and promptly signed up. Used it for a few weeks and could not figure out the real benefits. Once I discovered the Tips for using Tailwind I was hooked.

Tips for Using Tailwind

Now to be perfectly honest I totally understood the concept of linking my blog and being able to ” schedule” my pins for future times. I mean that alone was of great benefit, scheduling a pin for days and/or weeks away was a way to get new eyes on my posts. Plus I actually saw my views double.  I know you hear that a lot but totally true, last August I had 65 000 views a month by October I was up to 150 000 and darn by December 265 000.

Then I discovered a game changer, a scheduling tool that would save me time and get tons of pins moving on my boards. If you love Pinterest but know that it can be a huge time suck on your life, discover hot to schedule your pins for weeks in advance and then sit back and relax ( or continue browsing or maybe even spend some time testing out the recipes/crafts and tips you just discovered.)

I started out with the trial version but quickly opted into the Plus Plan for $9.99 a month. True confession I am a bit of a sucker for opting for paid over free, I always want that little extra bit. To save you the angst I felt at not effectively using something I was paying for I am sharing the top Four Tips for utilizing Tailwind effectively

Tailwind Schedule Times

One of the great tools available is allowing Pinterest to select optimal pinning times for you.  You can add as many slots per day as you want and select the time between intervals.  I keep increasing and decreasing depending on time of year. From August to December I like pinning a lot.  Seriously Back To School, Thanksgiving ( two of them) Halloween, Christmas… so many pin possibilities

pinning schedule with Tailwind

Awesome Tailwind Tip Two- Batching

Crazy scheduling time saver “Batching”, OMG peeps true game changer and so very, very easy to do.  First Lesson in Tailwind, let’s get batching.

  1. Go to drafts and click on the “Chrome Extension”  this is key to ensuring batching success
  2. Go to your Pinterest account and pick a favourite topic, I choose “Back to school”.  Allow Pinterest to load a few pages of Pins.  Click on the Tailwind Chrome extension ( see arrow, it looks like a little blue bird)

Pinterest scheduling tips with Tailwind

3.  After you hit the Tailwind extension  you will be taken to a new screen

Tailwind extension

4. Start selecting the pins you would like to add to your Pinterest Boards.  I run through the whole selection and pick those I love

learning to batch schedule with Tailwind

5. At the bottom of the page you will see a blue box ” Go Schedule” (see above). Once you go schedule you will then be taken to the area that will allow you to select the Boards you want to pin to.  You can select one or many, your choice.

pinning using Tailwind

6. The scheduler will only scheule pins with authentic URL’s.  Great feature to ensure all your pins are valid. You can delete any selections that do not have a URL, or find one and insert it.

batching with Tailwind

7. Bonus feature, once you have scheduled your selections, Pinterest may have a few bonus pins for you

tailwind batch schedule

Tip Three Board Lists

and if batching was not awesome enough we also have | Board Lists”.  Before Tailwind I use to manually type in the various boards I wanted to pin to.  As an example I have several style boards, plus my blog post board.  Every time I wanted to share an outfit I was manually typing in 8+ Boards, now I select my Board List and as if by magic I am scheduled on all boards.

tailwind board lists

Tribes in Tailwind

One very unique feature of Tailwind  is the ability to join and create Tailwind Tribes. The purpose of Tribes is to make it easy to collaborate and share content to grow your reach. Tribe is free for anyone to join even if you do not have a Tailwind subscription!

Please note, the only way to see Tribes in your dashboard is to be invited to join one. The reason is because Tailwind Tribes is still in its early stages of development.  Once you join a Tribe, you can create your own Tribe for other collaborations.

Using Tribes

  • Accept the invitation from Tailwind to join a tribe
  • Add a few of your pins that you want repinned to the tribe
  • Repin a few member pins to help each other grow, increase exposure, and even rank higher

tailwind tribes

Time Saver

Tailwind is not just a great way to drive traffic to your blog, it helps give you time to actually Blog.  I have saved so much time.  I am still a Pinterest fiend but now I can relax after a post.  Browsing other blogs is back in my schedule sharing some comment love and still knowing that I am on top of my social media game.  Look after a half hour on a Wednesday night I have over one thousand (1000) pins scheduled.


tailwind schedule

I am still exploring and still learning but hey if you want to try this out and need some tips leave me a comment or shoot me an email.  I am always happy to walk you through the process. If you want to try it out for free with no ties I can give you a month free

Have fun and happy pinning

This post does contain affiliate links but only because I am sharing my love of a product I have been using successfully.