I am Canadian!My name is Linda and I live in Ottawa, Ontario. The Nations Capital

and thanks for jumping over to learn a bit about me and A Labour of Life

I’m a wife/partner , step mother of two and surrogate/sub mom to one, and owner of one adorable cat ( she has  her own page).  I drink tea in the morning, coffee in the evening and wine/beer at night, 

During the day you can find me at the PSAC building doing a job I love while following my social media accounts so I do not miss anything. At night, I hang with Kent and Lou and on the weekends we are always joined by our best friend Hawk.
I heart Canada
For many weeks during the summer you will find me at the numerous music festivals around Ottawa as I volunteer, heck sometimes I think I spend more time at my volunteer job then my real pay the bills job.  This volunteering has brought a whole new family into my life though.

My Blog is an expression of who I am and what I love, I hope as you follow along you start realizing fashion is what you feel not what everyone else says. You wear what you love not what you are told and you find inspiration everywhere.

Kick back and take a journey with me, travel a little, learn about wine, beer and many a fav dish and just maybe learn a craft or two.

chambray and fur in the snow

Blogging was a way for me to express myself  I feel to young to be old and too old to be young.  I’m in the middle and it’s that balance that I’m trying to figure out. Through squinty eyes I am still that young girl and close up I think I am my mother.

Thanks for visiting, come back often and please follow me and leave a comment.
My Blog Name:  I have been finding myself in the middle of an identity crisis, trying to find the right name for my blog.  Originally way back when I wanted a Blog to be called This is my Life? Really, well that just seemed to long. So I went with My Life? Really and then just plain ole My Life. Well as I began blogging and trying to incorporate all aspects of social media into my blog I realized “My Life” as not going to happen,  good lord I can’t even get a Facebook page with that name let alone anything else SM related. Well I sorta settled on a play on words,  I came across the Quote ” A labor of love” and a lightbulb went off,  I am a Union Activist and a Union Employee and have dedicated the last 23 years to the union, so “Labour” is a huge part of me so My Labour of Love is now A Labour of Life ( plus I have to use the canadian spelling so it is clear where I am from and I often wonder how many people pop over thinking this is all about kids, pregnancies and mommy stuff?????)