Catherine McCormmick had an idea to bring together 50 female bloggers over the age of 50 on the 50th day of every year (February 19th). The idea is to shift a paradigm and to raise awareness of women in their 50s. You can read more about the movement by visiting this link to Thrive Global.

“When we were growing up, our experience of this age group was vastly different than our current experience. It’s time for us to come together and unite as one to show our support and love for one another. We’re firmly committed to ending competition amongst women and celebrating support, promotion and collaboration with one another. Let’s show the world who we are and that 50 is now a starting point, a launching pad and a time of celebration and freedom for women at midlife and beyond,” says Catherine.              

Together with the help of Cathy @themiddlepage, Shauna @chicover50 and Deborah@Fabulousafter40, the Fierce 50 movement was born, and officially launched February 19, 2017 (the 50th day of the year).
Here is a list of the Fierce 50: