My List (but it’s not called a Bucket List) of attainable goals.

:: travels ::
o                                visit all 50 states , 10 Provinces and 3 territories ( I am at 24 states, 10 provinces and 2 territories)
o                                travel Ireland, Scotland and England
o                                gondola ride in Venice.
o                                See Australia and New Zealand
o                                stay overnight in a castle.
o                                have someone waiting at the airport for me with my name on a sign.
o                                visit wine country CA.
o                                tour a winery in Italy.
o                                family trip to Disneyworld.
o                                go on a cruise.
o                                Go to Atlantic City
o                                Attend a Raiders Game ( soon Nov in NYC)
o                                Go to the Superbowl
o                                Go to a College Bowl Game ( Memphis Baby Dec 31, 2013)
:: general life ::
o                                own lake front property.
o                                own a bar or Bed and Breakfast
o                                see the aurora borealis.
o                                buy a hot tub September 15, 2013
o                                have a wet bar in my basement.
o                                have my own craft room.
:: things for myself ::
o                                learn how to shoot a bow & arrow.
o                                take a cooking class.
o                                take a photography class.
o                                learn how to downhill ski.
o                                run a 5k. actually run the whole thing.
o                                donate $100 to my favorite charity. pick a new one each year.
o                                take a wine tasting/sommelier course.
see Ryan and Nic in concert somewhere big.

o                                have 100 likes on my blog December 2013